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VIRTEX enables brands, organizations and institutions to create virtual experiences that people will love. Conferences, exhibitions, launch-events, R&R shows, community events, training programs and other engagement-led initiatives – all on a platform that’s secure, scalable, customizable, and extremely easy-to-use. Leveraging the power of data and analytics, VIRTEX delivers a phenomenal return on experience.

Almond Virtex - Live Session

Live and Pre-recorded Sessions

Host unlimited speaker sessions, panel discussions and presentations. Deliver multiple simultaneous sessions.

Almond Virtex - Live Session


Audience can interact with speakers and panelists in real-time and provide real-time feedback

Almond Virtex - Surveys and Polls

Surveys, Polls and Notifications

Keep the user engaged throughout the event with basic features that make the event a wholesome experience.

Almond Virtex - Digital Net

Digital Networking

Create a privacy-enabled virtual networking zone enabling attendees to create their profiles and interact 1:1

Almond Virtex - Video Chat

Instant Video Chat

Attendees can video-chat with speakers & panelists, sponsors & exhibitors and other attendees.

Almond Virtex - Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

Organize an expo with highly interactive sponsor booths & exhibitor zones that can deliver personalized experiences

Almond Virtex - Meeting Rooms

Roundtables & Meeting Rooms

Create restricted access public and private meeting rooms or enables attendees to create their own meeting rooms

Almond Virtex - CHAT-BOTS


A dedicated system that can deliver required information, assist with the event walk-through and troubleshoot technical queries for every user

Almond Virtex - Social Media


Integrate your owned and social platforms to create buzz and amplify the two way engagement via whatsapp, messenger

Almond Virtex - Grati

Instant Gratifications

Reward attendees for their interest, multi-level participation and sustained engagement

Almond Virtex - Game and Café

Café and Games zones

The café provides entertaining and enjoyable experiences. The game-zone ensures excitement is high.

Almond Virtex - Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Live dashboard provides real-time engagement numbers, and post-event analytics provide robust data & insights.



Almond Virtex - Feature Shapes
More than just

A Platform

VIRTEX is a business conversation and experiential hub, connecting your audience to your brand or product through AI enabled communication services (voice, video, text) and helping you achieve your objectives.

Almond Virtex - Scalability


Hosted on secure cloud, and developed using latest frameworks, VIRTEX is poised to scale quickly

Almond Virtex - Tools and Measurement

Best-in-class tools for measurement and engagement

Tools to enhance engagement for e.g. video-on-demand, e-commerce etc., and sophisticated technology backend to measure engagement against business objectives,

Almond Virtex - Tools and Measurement

Organizer & Exhibitor Experience

Feature-rich administrator dashboard provides complete control of the event and the ability to engage & communicate with attendees in multiple ways

Almond Virtex - Analytics

Insights, Analytics & CRM integration

Real-time data helps the organizer analyze the progress and optimize the experience. Integration with CRM enables automated post-event engagement.

Almond Virtex - Devices

Device Agnostic

Mobile first and optimized for web, VIRTEX is fully equiped to deliver seemless experience on all devices

Almond Virtex - Virtual Event Platform India

Almond Virtex - Virtual Event Platform India

Almond Virtex - Virtual Event Platform India

Almond Virtex - Virtual Event Platform

Almond Virtex - Virtual Event Platform

Almond Virtex - Hybrid Events Platform

Almond Virtex - Hybrid Events Platform