Alert!! 4 kickass ways to boost engagement in your virtual events

Virtual events have been around for a long time. However, many event planners were ignorant of their importance until COVID-19 entered our lives. A considerable proportion of marketers have confessed that they had never considered virtual events before.
While several blogs cover online events and their benefits, relatively few address the virtual audience's crucial challenges. The significant difficulty here is organizing the event that creates and sustains engagement with live and virtual audiences.
Fortunately, there are ways of organizing exciting events with a dedicated audience. Marketers can convey information, acquire leads, analyze data and optimize ROI without losing their audience with the proper combination of tools, software, and content.

Here are four ways to boost engagement in a virtual event.


If you conduct a virtual session in a single room with a massive audience your audience loses interest, hence exiting the event. Breakout sessions offer participants the option to participate in small groups. These workshops allow participants to work together, network, or collaborate. Our virtual event platform provides restricted access to public and private breakout meeting rooms or enables attendees to create their meeting rooms for better communication and understanding.


One of the most significant benefits of instant surveys, polls, and notification is that they provide a more tailored approach to learning. Speakers or organizers get to ask questions from the audience for their opinion during an online event, and attendees will get instant gratification for participation. The majority of events include a single block of Q&A at the end of the session. Instead, incorporate numerous Q&A sessions throughout the presentation, especially following each unique speaker session.


Integrating gamification into your online events is an engagement notion for overcoming participant drop-off rates. Gamify several aspects of your virtual event to increase event engagement. One of the best virtual event engagement ideas is to incentivize participants with digital incentives. Our virtual event platform will help capture the attention of a large number of worldwide guests, retaining them throughout the event.


Who doesn't enjoy having their picture clicked? We believe no one. Integrate personalized selfie photo booths into your virtual events to provide extra fun and excitement. It helps keep visitors interested and involved with your event while they pose for photos in the customized photo booths. With VIRTEX's selfie booth, make your attendees take back memories through a 100% customizable photo booth and share their experiences on other social media platforms as well.

These indicators will help you in conducting a successful virtual event and improve brand recall power and loyalty. It's time to take advantage of clever tips and rock your every online event.


Almond Virtex is a virtual/hybrid events and experiences platform, designed to help brands & organizations to host engaging, secure, and immersive experiences seamlessly. Our virtual event platform is end-to-end customizable and enables organizations to host any type or size of virtual events such as conferences, summits, fairs, exhibitions, expos, award shows, product launches, town halls, trade shows, AGMs & more.

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